Head shot of Kojo

Paul Ayernor

Senior Research Analyst / Program Manager
Research Core Staff

Paul Ayernor (Kojo) is a researcher who focuses on social networks, social support, and the subjective well-being of older adults in sub-Saharan Africa. He strives to understand the macro-micro links influencing older adults’ subjective well-being. Paul is a senior research analyst/program manager on the HAALSI project. He is responsible for managing Agincourt study operations and performing data analysis for the HAALSI Agincourt surveys. Paul received his PhD and MPHIL in…

Darina Bassil

Darina Bassil

Research Scientist/Project Director
Research Core Staff

Darina is a research scientist whose work has focused on investigating the relationship between various risk factors and dementia outcomes, as well as studying cross-cultural variations in diagnostic measures of dementia. She is the project director of the HAALSI Dementia Study (HAALSI-HCAP) and is responsible for overseeing study data collection, management and analysis as well as managing the cognitive components of the HAALSI project. Through her work, Darina endeavors to…

Head shot of Meagan Farrell

Meagan Farrell

Research Scientist
Research Core Staff

Meagan Farrell’s research has broadly focused on the effects of aging, disease, and injury processes on cognition. As a Pop Center research scientist, she works on the measurement and interpretation of cognitive outcomes for the HAALSI project. Meagan received a PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of Florida before completing a post-doctoral fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center. Her previous work investigated changes to language, memory, and metacognition in…

Head shot of Sarah Gao

Sarah Gao

Research Assistant
Research Core Staff

Sarah is a research assistant working in data management and analysis for the HAALSI Dementia study and the HAALSI project more broadly. Her research interests include cognitive health, reproductive health, and social networks. Sarah holds an MPH in epidemiology from the University of Michigan with a concentration in social epidemiology. Prior to joining HCPDS, she conducted research on the modern public health implications of forced sterilization in the United States…

Head shot of Nigel Harriman

Nigel Harriman

Research Assistant
Research Core Staff

Nigel Harriman is a research assistant at the Center for Population and Development Studies supporting the HAALSI project. His research aims to identify the social determinants of health, with a specific focus on how health disparities are explained by differential clustering of social stressors. Nigel earned his BS from Cornell University and is currently pursuing his MPH in the health and social behavior field of study at the Harvard T.H.…

Elyse Jennings Headshot

Elyse Jennings

Director of Research & Research Scientist
Leadership & Research Core Staff

Elyse joined us in 2016 as a research associate and was promoted to research scientist in 2019. As director of research, she leverages her training and experience as a sociologist and family demographer, as well as her substantive work on the HAALSI project (including her expertise in fieldwork training, survey development, and grant proposal writing) to help to shape and oversee the Center’s research initiatives. Her responsibilities include offering guidance…

David Kapaon

Research Assistant
Research Core Staff

David Kapaon is a research assistant helping with data collection, management, and analysis for the HAALSI project. He holds a dual MA/MS in sustainable international development, and global health policy and management from the Heller School at Brandeis University. Prior to joining HCPDS, David helped conduct research examining the economic and health impacts of the Health Extension Program in Ethiopia.

Head shot of Channah taken by Claudette Agustin

Channah Leff

Data Compliance Specialist
Research Core Staff

Channah is the data compliance specialist at the Center. She oversees reviews for research protocols, data use agreements (DUAs), and data safety for Center projects. She also manages the HCPDS’s data procurement licenses, as well as the restricted data enclave for sensitive data. Furthermore, her ongoing priorities involve working with affiliates to ensure the understanding of and compliance with policies and procedures related to human subjects research. Channah has several…

Head shot of Meg Lovejoy

Meg Lovejoy

Research Program Director
Research Core Staff

Meg Lovejoy is the research program director for the Work and Well-being Initiative, a broad-based research and policy program designed to develop and implement evidence-based workplace change for worker well-being. She is also project director for the initiative’s core grant, Workplace Redesign for Worker Well-Being: Blueprint for Resilience. This study, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, examines sustainable practices for enhancing worker well-being, with a focus on low- and…

Head shot of Tamara Naidoo

Tamara Naidoo

Research Assistant

Tamara Naidoo is a recent graduate from Vanderbilt University with a degree in neuroscience and currently works as a research assistant aiding with data collection, management, and analysis for the HAALSI project. Prior to HAALSI, Tamara conducted research with Baylor College of Medicine to identify therapeutic targets for different neurodegenerative diseases. Her transition from traditional wet lab to public health research was motivated by her desire to better understand the…