Mortimer Spiegelman Postdoctoral Fellowship in Demographic Studies

We will not be recruiting for the Spiegelman Fellowship in 2023.

Spiegelman Fellow Profiles


Spiegelman Postdoctoral Fellows examine a broad range of critical issues in the field of population and development studies from multidisciplinary perspectives. Most will have interests that match the HCPDS’s focal areas. A team of Harvard mentors will be matched to the chosen candidate(s).

The Spiegelman Fellowship Program provides top researchers with opportunities for:

  • enhanced research, analytic and leadership training
  • exposure to current issues in population and development
  • the expansion of Fellows’ professional network for collaboration and exchange

The program is open to researchers and practitioners in the field of demography and population studies. The selected candidate(s) possesses:

  • a strong record of academic training
  • a commitment to population and development work
  • the demonstrated ability to work independently
  • leadership potential