Training Opportunities in Demography at Harvard

Harvard University’s schools and departments offer several courses with training in demography. Below, we list several of the most the relevant courses, noting any conditions students would need to meet to enroll. More information, including course descriptions, can be found in the course catalogs, available by course number search at

Introduction to Demographic Methods (GHP 220) with Marcia Castro: Priority enrollment for GHP-SM2 and doctoral students in GHP. Any remaining seats will be available on a first-come first-serve basis. Students outside of Harvard Chan School must request instructor permission to enroll in this course.

Foundations of Global Health and Population (GHP 272) with David Bloom and Joel Lamstein: Course is Restricted to SM2 research students in the Department of Global Health and Population at Harvard Chan School. Any remaining seats will be made available to other students pending instructor permission.

Multilevel Statistical Methods: Concept & Application (SBS 263) with S V Subramanian: This class has priority enrollment, top priority given to PhD PHS SBS

Life and Death by Design (SOCIOL 1046) with Jason Beckfield: May be used as an introductory undergraduate course when taken for letter grade, or elective. May be taken for graduate credit with the submission of an original research paper.

Intermediate Quantitative Methods (SOCIOL 2202) with Xiang Zhou: Ordinarily limited to first-year graduate students in sociology; enrollment is by instructor permission

Social Demography Workshop (SOCIOL 3323) with Jason Beckfield, Lisa Berkman, Christina Cross, Elyse Jennings, Joscha Legewie, Daniel Schneider, and Xiang Zhou. Features presentations by PhD students and invited guest speakers. Enrollment for course credit is by instructor permission.