Working Papers

The Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies (HCPDS) Working Paper Series provides a flexible and timely outlet for affiliates to publish their work in progress to the scholarly community in an open-access form. We welcome research on population and development, from any disciplinary perspective. Pop Center faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate student affiliates are welcome to submit complete working papers. There is also an archive of older working papers.

Access HCPDS Working Paper Series Here!

Submission guidelines and formatting

Papers must not have been published elsewhere and should be in good order (e.g., an abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussions and exhibits).

Submissions will be read by our review committee before posting to ensure their appropriateness for the series. The contribution need not yet have been submitted to a journal or be an in-press version; conversely, we prefer complete working drafts in order to invite feedback from and engage with the broader scholarly community. In addition to providing an outlet for publication and citation of work in progress, we aim for this Working Paper Series to become a hub of scholarly exchange and serve as an intellectual community for the population and development sciences. Readers are welcome to correspond with authors about their work.

Once reviewed and accepted, a standard title page will be generated from the information (your name, the abstract, the paper title, etc.) that you provided through the submission form. Thus, the first page of the document that you submit should begin with the title of the first section of your paper.

Note that accepted papers will be assigned a series number and a PDF version will be posted to the series web page. Papers are typically promoted via the Pop Center’s website, e-newsletter, and social media channels such as FB and Twitter.

To submit a working paper for review for inclusion in the series, please fill out the working paper submission form below.