Methods and Case Studies Workshop

November 2-3, 2017

Harvard University
(Longwood Campus)
Boston, MA

**Please click here to view the most recent versions of the methods papers.**


At this workshop, we discussed the draft methods papers and case studies and their initial recommendations, as well as next steps. The workshop program, which includes speaker biographies as well as the agenda, can be downloaded here. The papers build on our scoping report and will be used to develop guidance on conducting benefit-cost analysis. Please use the links below to download the workshop papers and slides and to view the workshop video.

The revised versions of the methods papers and case studies, which reflect the comments received during this workshop, will be posted here as they are completed.

We were very pleased to welcome special guests Lawrence H. Summers, who joined us for a conversation with Dean Jamison (video), and Sue J. Goldie.

Agenda, Papers, and Slides

Day 1

8:00-8:30: Registration and Breakfast

8:30-9:00: Welcome and Introduction (video)

  • David Wilson (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) (slides)
  • Lisa A. Robinson (Harvard University, Center for Health Decision Science) (slides)

9:00-10:00: Valuing Mortality Risk Reductions (draft paper) (video) (Chair: Lynn Karoly, RAND)

  • Lead Authors: Lisa A. Robinson and James K. Hammitt* (Harvard University) (slides)
  • Discussants: Anna Alberini (University of Maryland) (slides), Maureen Cropper (University of Maryland) (slides)

10:00-10:15: Break

10:15-11:15: Valuing Nonfatal Health Risk Reductions (draft paper) (video) (Chair: Peter Neumann, Tufts Medical Center)

  • Lead Authors: Lisa A. Robinson* and James K. Hammitt (Harvard University) (slides)
  • Discussants: Mark Dickie (University of Central Florida) (slides), Montarat Thavorncharoensap (Mahidol University) (slides)

11:15-12:15: Assessing Economy‐wide Effects (draft paper) (video) (Chair: David de Ferranti, Results for Development)

  • Lead Authors: Kenneth Strzepek* (MIT), Collins Amanya* (Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment) and James E. Neumann (Industrial Economics, Incorporated) (slides)
  • Discussants: Channing Arndt (International Food Policy Research Institute) (slides), Anil Deolalikar (University of California – Riverside) (slides)

12:15-1:30: Lunch

1:30-2:30: Assessing the Distribution of Impacts (draft paper) (video) (chair: Stéphane Verguet, Harvard T.H. Chan School)

  • Lead Authors: Lisa A. Robinson and James K. Hammitt* (Harvard University) with supplement by Matthew Adler (Duke University) (slides)
  • Discussants: Neal Fann (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) (slides), Sam Harper (McGill University) (slides)

2:30-3:30: Discounting Future Impacts (draft paper) (video) (chair: Maureen Cropper, University of Maryland)

  • Lead Author: Karl Claxton* (University of York) (slides)
  • Discussants: Miqdad Asaria (Independent Consultant, Delhi) (slides), Gernot Wagner (Harvard University) (slides)

3:30-3:45: Break

3:45-5:15: Case Studies (video) (chair: Frederico Guanais, Inter-American Development Bank)

  • Education (draft paper) (Elina Pradhan and Dean Jamison*) (slides)
  • Stunting (draft paper) (Brad Wong* and Peter F. Orazem) (slides)
  • Discussants: Anil Deolalikar (University of California – Riverside) (slides), Lynn Karoly (RAND) (slides), Roger Perman (University of Strathclyde) (slides), George Psacharopoulos (Georgetown University) (slides)

5:15-5:30: Wrap-up

5:30-7:00: Reception with remarks from Sue Goldie

Day 2

8:00-8:30: Registration and Breakfast

8:30-9:00: Welcome and Recap

9:00-10:00: A Conversation with Dean Jamison and Lawrence H. Summers(video)

10:00-10:15: Break

10:15-11:15: Valuing Changes in Time Use (draft paper) (video) (chair: Brad Wong, Copenhagen Consensus Center)

  • Lead Authors: Dale Whittington* (University of North Carolina) and Joseph Cook (Washington State University) (slides)
  • Discussants: Abusaleh Shariff (US-India Policy Institute) (slides), James E. Neumann (Industrial Economics, Incorporated) (slides)

11:15-12:15: Valuing Protection against Health-Related Financial Risks (draft paper) (video) (chair: Michele Cecchini, OECD)

  • Lead Authors: Dean Jamison (University of California – San Francisco) and Jonathan Skinner* (Dartmouth College) (slides)
  • Discussants: Kalipso Chalkidou (Centre for Global Development, Imperial College London) (slides), Mark Shepard (Harvard University) (slides)

12:15-12:30: Wrap-up and Adjourn

*indicates paper presenter.