Changing the climate narrative through creative and engaging content.

Research shows more perspectives from trusted messengers and communities most impacted by climate disasters are needed to effectively communicate about climate change. 

We’re helping creators, producers, showrunners, writers, and more integrate climate challenges and solutions into entertainment so that climate actions become part of everyday conversations.

We provide:

    • Workshops
    • Focus groups 
    • Tip sheets and case studies 
    • Consultations with executives at studios, agencies, and writers rooms
    • Brainstorming sessions with writers, showrunners, actors, and influencers 
    • Ongoing counsel for projects in production
Climate Creators 2024

Climate Creators to Watch

A project with Pique Action features creators producing solutions-focused content that counters misinformation, serves as an antidote to “doom and gloom” messaging, and helps people stay engaged in the climate movement through social media.

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Eric Christian Olsen photo

Reel Science

“Reel Science” connects celebrities and scientists for candid and informative conversations on climate change and public health topics.

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