Harvard Chan C-CHANGE makes climate change personal by connecting it to health and highlighting how climate solutions can provide for a healthier and more just world today and a livable future for our children.

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Image of Ian Somerhalder, Peter Huybers and Eric Christian Olsen

Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security

This episode of Reel Science dives into climate change’s effects on our food system, regenerative farming and food security.

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Featured Issues

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Climate, Kids, and Health

Showing how climate solutions and transitioning to clean energy protects children from dangerous pollutants and helps them live healthier lives today and in the future.

Masked girl using sanitizer

Climate Change and Infectious Disease

Reducing the risks of emerging infectious diseases by catalyzing actions that bring us back into balance with nature.

Dr. Aaron Bernstein with a patient

Climate MD

Engaging, supporting and empowering medical professionals to help turn awareness of the health threats posed by climate change into actions that improve health today

Featured News

Flooded street

Alert! Climate report shows humanity on ‘suicidal path’

Citing the latest UN Climate Report, this segment touches on how climate change affects our lives, citing Dr. Aaron Bernstein's insights into pandemics.

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Firefighters battle a wildfire in California

Hotter Planet Already Poses Fatal Risks, Health Experts Warn

Our Yerby Fellow Dr. Renee Salas says that climate is a prescription for health in the latest Lancet Countdown on Climate Change and Health.

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How climate change is ushering in a new pandemic

Climate solutions can help prevent infectious diseases—from insect-borne illnesses to diseases that transfer from animals to humans.

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The ability to turn climate change around into an opportunity to create better public health for all communities is the opportunity we need to grab today.

- Gina McCarthy, Former Director, Harvard Chan C-CHANGE