A mother helps her son put on his face mask

Here’s What We Learned From The Pandemic, According To 10 Experts

01/04/2021 | HuffPost

coal mine

As world sours on coal, top producer Indonesia tries to sweeten it at home

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A birds eye view of traffic on a highway

A Plan by Eastern States to Cap Tailpipe Emissions Gets Off to a Slow Start

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A long row of cars parked in Boston

Northeast states to unveil cap-and-invest plan for cars

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A young girl smiles on a playground

The World’s First Death Attributed to Air Pollution Could Spark the Change We Need

12/18/2020 | Gizmodo

A pediatrician listens to a little girl's lungs

New pediatrician network puts spotlight on climate change’s effects on children

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A construction worker carries a heavy pipe

Working to Death

12/17/2020 | Connect the Dots

an electric bus stops on at a city bus stop

Episode 229: Deadly Outbreaks Persist At Nursing Homes; How Transportation Emissions Harm Our Health

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a person with binoculars looks at someone holding a 2020 sign

A look back at 2020

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a woman tests climate-smart soil in Kenya

Climate action: The best gift for global health

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