Planet, heart, and stethoscope

Harvard Chan C-CHANGE and Biogen to help under-resourced healthcare clinics become more climate-resilient and improve patient health

09/14/2020 | Harvard Chan C-CHANGE/Biogen

Italian Emergency Medical Team in surgery in a field hospital

The first residency curriculum to better prepare doctors for climate change

09/09/2020 | Harvard Chan C-CHANGE

Picture of Ari Bernstein Eric Christian Olsen and Nikki Reed at EMA Awards

‘Mixed-ish,’ ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘John Oliver’ Win Top Prizes at Environmental Media Association Awards

08/21/2020 | Variety

Picture of Eric Christian Olsen and Sarah Wright Olsen

Kate Bosworth, Eric Christian Olsen, & other actors join Harvard and EMA to launch new climate web series

08/15/2020 | Hollywood Times

The sun reflects off city buildings.

Olas de calor extremo: Lo que los expertos recomiendan para detener a este “asesino silencioso”

08/14/2020 | Univision

Fallen tree trunks are stacked in a forest

Stop the next pandemic: Conservation as public health policy

08/13/2020 | Harvard Political Review

A foggy, skeletal forest

Slowing deforestation could save humanity from the next pandemic

08/12/2020 | The World

An empty hospital room with two beds.

Climate change and health care with Drs. Caren Solomon and Renee Salas

08/12/2020 | NEJM Resident 360 Podcast

Enlarged coronavirus

What we can learn from COVID-19 for the climate crisis

08/11/2020 | CNN

An electric fan.

Heat waves are deadlier than hurricanes and fires. Maybe they should get names, too

08/06/2020 | LA Times