Science for a healthy, just, and more sustainable world

Climate change is caused by humans, it’s happening now and it’s harming our health—especially for our kids, elderly, and vulnerable communities.

To prevent the crises caused by pollution and extreme weather and to tackle the challenges from growing populations and increasingly crowded cities, we need forward-looking science that both anticipates problems and offers solutions. The Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Harvard Chan C-CHANGE) translates innovative research from faculty and students across the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to inform actions that improve public health today and create a more just, sustainable, and healthy future for all.

Led by Dr. Aaron Bernstein, we equip changemakers with the evidence and tools they need to act now to protect our health.

Too many people believe that climate change will not affect their lives directly, when in fact it is impacting everyone’s health right now. It targets our children, elderly, and vulnerable communities first. They are more susceptible to the impacts of pollution and our communities of color, low-income neighborhoods, and the homeless are at even greater risk.

Climate change can be seen as too big and too difficult to fix, but we already have solutions available—we are just not implementing them at the pace needed to address its causes and impacts.

Given the complex nature of today’s challenges, it is more critical now than ever that government officials, business leaders, and the public have access to sound science communicated in ways that allows them to understand its relevance to our health and well being.

By making climate change personal, highlighting solutions, and emphasizing the important role we all play in driving change, Harvard Chan C-CHANGE puts health outcomes at the center of climate actions.