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Leveraging science from across Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and beyond, we inspire climate action by making it personal, actionable, and urgent.

Empowering medical professionals to be effective leaders

Dr. Aaron Bernstein and Dr. Renee Salas

Climate change matters to doctors, nurses and their patients. Through our Climate MD program, we help medical professionals add their voice to the national conversation by:

    • Reaching health leaders through health care journalists and major medical journals
    • Updating clinical guidance to reflect climate risks
    • Educating medical leaders on the impacts of climate on health
    • Building climate resilient community health clinics
    • Communicating directly with patients

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Entertainment Industry Outreach
Integrating climate themes into all media

film strip

We help showrunners, producers, writers, and influencers integrate climate themes into entertainment content so that climate challenges and solutions become part of everyday conversations. The more audiences learn and talk about climate change, the more empowered they are to take action and protect their health.

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Kids and Climate
Protecting kids from the health effects of climate change

Child in front of sun

We highlight prevention strategies to keep kids healthy. We empower families, schools, health care providers, and other key stakeholders to act now to protect kids’ health today and in the future by:

    • Collaborating with parenting publications
    • Bringing climate change into pediatric practices through our collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics
    • Creating educational materials for parents and caregivers
    • Inspiring and engaging parents and young people to take climate action
    • Visiting classrooms to teach children about the health benefits of climate action

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Changing the Narrative
Bringing attention to meaningful and effective climate actions

Gina McCarthy speaks to a reporter

Our experts regularly educate decision-makers and interview with local, national, and global outlets on how climate solutions improve health, advance equity, and forestall the next pandemic.

    • To give editors and reporters the tools they need to identify new stories, use health framing, and focus on solutions, we create strategic partnerships with media organizations to provide training and editorial planning, build original programming and participate in professional development events, including a 3-day intensive Covering Climate Change workshop.
    • To help scientists, medical professionals, and researchers effectively translate their work to key audiences, we provide media training, planning, and communications support.


Student Engagement
Supporting Future Leaders

Student smiling on Harvard campus

We provide mentorship and empower young people to be climate leaders through:

    • Youth Summit on Climate, Equity, and Health: This week-long summer program trains high school students to be leaders in their communities through workshops, field-based activities, and meetings with scientists, health and policy experts, academics, energy innovators, and more. Learn more.
    • Student Ambassadors: This program selects students from each department at Harvard Chan School to act as liaisons and think critically about climate change and the potential impacts on their fields of study. Learn more
    • Skills-based workshops and lecture series: To equip students with critical skills related to communications, policy, management, and leadership, we host workshops and lectures designed to help them become effective agents of change.
    • Educational Resources on Climate, Health, and COVID-19: This five-part series for teachers and students explores the connections between climate change and public health. Learn more