We tackle key issues that are essential for building a healthy, just, and sustainable world.

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Chemicals and Health

Putting the latest scientific research to work in order to reduce harmful chemicals, inform decisions, and transition the marketplace to healthier alternatives.
Masked girl using sanitizer

Climate Change and Infectious Disease

Reducing the risks of emerging infectious diseases by catalyzing actions that bring us back into balance with nature.
Dr. Aaron Bernstein with a patient

Climate MD

Engaging, supporting and empowering medical professionals to help turn awareness of the health threats posed by climate change into actions that improve health today
Child in front of sun

Climate, Kids, and Health

Showing how climate solutions and transitioning to clean energy protects children from dangerous pollutants and helps them live healthier lives today and in the future.

Energy and Health

Researching the health benefits of transitioning to clean energy systems and the health impacts of fossil fuels.
Apartment with AC in windows

Environmental Justice & Health

Low-income communities often are exposed to more pollution than other communities, and bear greater health burdens from that pollution.

Food and Nutrition

Supporting research that defines healthy diets and explores challenges associated with healthy food systems in a low carbon future.

Healthy Cities

Improving the health of people in and around cities, especially those most vulnerable, with information on strategies to reduce the causes and impacts of climate change.

Transportation and Health

Exploring solutions in transportation to improve climate, health, and equity.