Climate and Health Research Network


To better coordinate, support, and amplify the research on climate change happening across the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, we launched a new school-wide interest group focused on climate and health research. The goal of the network is to bring together faculty, researchers, doctoral and post-doctoral students to build a community of scholars and to catalyze new research collaborations.

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Anna Miller

Anna helps develop and execute communications plans to promote awareness about the health impacts of climate change on children.

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Skye Flanigan

Skye develops and implements various programs as well as manages internal engagement, partnerships, and strategic collaborations.

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Headshot of Dr. Aaron Bernstein, Credit Michael Goderre/Boston Children’s Hospital

Aaron Bernstein MD, MPH

Aaron examines the human health effects of global environmental changes with the aim of promoting a deeper understanding of these subjects among students, educators, policy makers, and the public.

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