What are the Health Benefits of Renewable Energy Choices?

09/29/2015 | Video based on our paper, published in Nature Climate Change

This video breaks down the science behind our paper on the health benefits of a low carbon energy policy, and explores how renewable energy is good for our health.

Generating electricity from low-carbon energy sources and cutting energy demand reduces the need for fossil fuel power generation, decreasing emissions of harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide. Dr. Jonathan Buonocore, Research Associate at C-CHANGE, and colleagues created an assessment tool to calculate the monetized public health and climate benefits of a wind and a solar energy project and two strategies aimed at reducing energy usage in the Mid-Atlantic and Lower Great Lakes region of the United States for 2012.

The paper, published in Nature Climate Change in August 2015, explores how their tool the tool could be used to make decisions about which energy and environmental policies to implement across the United States.

Credit: Video produced by Research Square.