Education and Research Center Pilot Projects

The NIOSH-funded Harvard T.H. Chan Education and Research Center (ERC) announces the availability of funds to support pilot projects in Region I. The program will support small research projects conducted by early investigators including student investigators at the pre-doctoral stages, post-doctoral trainees, and/or by new/junior faculty investigators. Project proposals should address concerns in one or more of the occupational safety and health areas of occupational hygiene, occupational epidemiology, occupational health services, occupational medicine, or occupational health nursing.

Welder at Work


Pilot Projects 20232024

Project Title Award Year Principal Investigator(s) Trainee(s) 
Breaking the Sweat: Rethinking Heat Stress Metrics in Extreme Conditions 2023-2024 Petros Koutrakis, Anna Oppenheimer Barrak Alahmad
Factors that Influence the Pipeline of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Training Programs 2023-2024 Stefanos Kales Matthew Hamm
Characterizing Experiences of Workplace Violence among Hospital Patient Care Employees 2023-2024 Erika Sabbath Ricardo Diego Suárez Rojas
School inner city air study: Teacher Occupational Exposure to Respiratory Viruses in Elementary
2023-2024 Peggy Lai Ye Sun

Pilot Projects 2022–2023 

Project Title Award Year Principal Investigator(s) Trainee(s) 
Thriving from Work: Film Production Crews  2022-2023 S. Peter,
G. Wagner,
P. Heinzelmann
Dena Javadi 
Physiologic Effects of Night Shift on Pregnant Workers  2022-2023  Elsja-Agarwarl, Erika Sabbath  Madeleine Puissant 
Association Between Disinfectant Products in the Workplace and Menstrual Cycle Irregularities Among Healthcare Professionals
2022-2023  Carmen Messerlian Montana Kekaimalu Hunter
Reducing Respiratory Infectious Disease Transmission in Office Environment 2022-2023 Joe Allen Gen Pei

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