Required courses

Required Courses

Trainees who are awarded financial support through the NIOSH-funded Education and Research Center training grant, regardless of their academic track and training core, are required to take the following occupational health interdisciplinary core curriculum courses:
EH 231 Occupational Health Policy and Administration
EH 236 Epidemiology of Environmental and Occupational Health Regulations
EH 241 Occupational Safety and Injury Prevention
EH 504 Principles of Toxicology
EH 510 Fundamentals of Human Exposure Assessment
ID 215 Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
ID 263 Practice of Occupational Health

Additionally, all ERC trainees (at pre- and postdoctoral levels, as well as occupational medicine residents) are required to take a class in Responsible Conduct of Research. Harvard Chan offers the following course (for credit or audited) each Spring and Fall semester:

HPM 548 Responsible Conduct of Research