Initiative for Productivity and Health Management (IPHM)

In collaboration with Dr. David Christiani and HSPH’s Office for Resource Development, OEMR Director Dr. Stefanos Kales has developed an Initiative for Productivity and Health Management (PHM) housed within the OEMR. Dr. Sam Forman, HSPH Visiting Scientist and HSPH OEMR alumnus, was selected by our program to jumpstart the development of this new initiative. In 2011, Dr. Philip Parks, HSPH Visiting Scientist and HSPH OEMR alumnus, was recruited to join Drs. Kales and Forman on the PHM leadership team. Drs. Forman and Parks’ unique career trajectories and skill sets in health-related business strategy, chronic disease management, and clinical quality improvement bring added value to our traditional faculty, bridging academic and corporate environments.


  • “Mediterranean Diet and Workplace Health.” Click here to learn more
  • HSPH OEMR research team and affiliates published that the Mediterranean diet is linked with lower risk of heart disease among young U.S. workers. Click here for the article.
  • Dr. Kales gave one of two keynote lectures at “Sleep-disordered Breathing and Traffic Safety 2013,” in Tokyo, Japan, hosted by the International Association on Traffic and Safety Sciences (IATSS). Click here for the article.
  • International Convention in Bologna, “Excessive daytime sleepiness, work and road safety,” hosted by the University of Bologna in partnership with Harvard School of Public Health, Automobili Lamborghini, Italdesign Giugiaro, and Ducati Motor. Click here for the article.
  • A two-day, world-class executive education program held in 2012 on “Sleep and Shift Work: Optimizing Productivity and Health Management in the 24/7 Global Economy.” Click here for the article, found on pages 9-12 of the PDF.
  • Sleep and Shift Work Blog featuring popular press articles and links to abstracts of articles in academic journals by 2012 IPHM Conference faculty, with the addition of relevant sleep and shift work news beyond the conference. Click here for the blog.
  • A two-day, world-class executive education program held in 2010 on “Leadership for Productivity and Health Management: Issues, Innovations, and Solutions.” Click here for the article, found on pages 6-9 of the PDF.

The Initiative at HSPH

This program fits within the structure of the existing training agenda. It provides a forum for academics pursuing work within the field from HSPH, HMS, HBS and elsewhere in the University, as well as for companies, worker organizations, insurers, specialized service ventures, pharmaceuticals, and authorities from other academic institutions. We envision teaching opportunities, directed research, and colloquia to bring academia and practice together.

About Productivity and Health Management

Productivity and Health Management seeks to maximize the health of the workforce and its dependents for the mutual benefit of employees and their employers. The emerging field recognizes the interrelation of employees’ health and well-being with employee satisfaction and an enterprise’s health care costs affected by all of the following: healthcare expenses, absenteeism, disability, turnover, and productivity. Clinical as well as financial outcomes are of interest. PHM typically includes employees themselves as well as spouses, children, and others obtaining health insurance by way of employment status. Chronic illnesses such as hypertension, obesity, and diabetes are approached by way of employment based health insurance benefits structures and targeted health interventions. Such interventions supplement traditional environmental health concerns caused or worsened by the working environment. Increasingly environmental health leaders are called on to lead and carry out such programs, or to synergize with those who do. Business leaders are vitally concerned with the costs and structure of health care benefits and programs.