Archived Research Projects

Job Stress and its Impact on General Health in Middle Aged Men: the Normative Aging Study

A Case-control Study of Parental Occupation, Leukemia, and Brain Tumors in an Industrial City in Taiwan

Longitudinal Pulmonary Function Analysis of Municipal Waste Incinerator Workers

Risk of Injury of Parachute Jumpers in the US Army: a Five Year Retrospective Cohort

Study of All Enlisted Infantry Army Parachutist From 1992 – 1996

Auto Body Shop Work Practices and Health Effects

A Focus on the Process of Ergonomic Hazard Abatement: Conducting a Pilot Project for a Major Corporation

Occupational Laceration Injury in Meat Packing Industry

Assessment of Lead and Menstrual Dysfunction

Overtime Work as a Risk Factor for Industrial Injury among Warehouse Workers

Evaluation of Night Vision Goggle: Visual Acuity Degradation While Wearing the FV-9 Laser Eye Protection Spectacle

Occupational and Environmental Exposure to Lead in South India

Ozone: Asthma and Respiratory Illness

Lead Exposure in Mexican Radiator Repair Workers

Health and Socio-Economic Outcome of Occupational Asthma in an OEM Clinic Population

Infection Control Practices in Health Care Settings: How Well Do They Match the Policies that Govern Them for Health Care Workers

Absence from Work and the Indoor Environment

Maternal Bone Lead as an Independent Risk Factor for Fetal Neurotoxicity: A Prospective Study

Exposure to DEHP During Pregnancy and among Neonates in NICU Setting

Non-Corporate Occupational Health Services at Massachusetts Licensed Health Care Facilities

Longitudinal Pulmonary Function among Fire Fighters: The Normative Aging Study

A New Twist on Injury Statistics: Development of a Technique for Prioritizing Workplace Health Risks Using Composite Comparative Statistics

Determination of Carbon Monoxide in Breath: A Study of Portable Techniques

Body Weight, Smoking, Spirometry, and Risk of Chronic Respiratory Symptoms in Elderly Men

Struck-by/Struck-Against Incidents in Four Industries: A Descriptive Analysis Using Narrative Data

A Descriptive Study of Recurrent Low Back Pain Disability Claims

Clinical Management and the Duration of Disability for Work-Related Low Back Pain

A Proposed Study of the Phenotypes and Genotypes of 3-Methyladenine DNA Glycosylase, A DNA Repair Enzyme

Sedating Medication Use, Distraction and Acute Traumatic Occupational Hand Injuries

Occupational Health Problems elated to the World Trade Center Disaster among Workers at the Federal Office Building in Manhattan

Narcotic Prescribing in Occupational Low Back Pain: Patterns and Relationships with Disability

Prediction of Chronic Occupational Low Back Pain Based on Nurse Case Management Data

Seroprevalence of Hepatitis Surface Antibody in a Group of Biotechnology Workers

The Relationship of Bone and Blood Lead Levels to Mood: The Normative Aging Study

Occupational Asthma Community Incidence Study

Lipid Profile of Firefighters Over Time: Opportunities for Prevention

Healthcare Utilization and Referral Patterns in the Initial Management of New Onset, Uncomplicated, Low Back Workers’ Compensation Disability Claims

An Investigation of Worker’s Compensation Claim Predictors Within the First Two Years of Employment

Prognosis of Occupation-Attributable Asthma among Members of an HMO: A Follow-up Study

The 1992 Annual Boston School Bus Drivers Health Survey

Urinary Cadmium and Risk of Height Loss as a Surrogate for Osteoporosis: The Normative Aging Study