Laura Kogelman

Laura Kogelman, MD, FIDSA

  • Director, Traveler’s Health Service, Tufts Medical Center
  • Associate Professor of Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine
David Lombardi photo

David Lombardi, PhD

  • Instructor in Environmental Health; Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Eileen McNeely photo

Eileen McNeely, RNP, MS, PhD

  • Instructor in Exposure, Epidemiology and Risk Program
  • Founder and Executive Director, Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise (SHINE)
  • Principal Investigator, Harvard Flight Attendant Health Study
  • Principal Investigator, Garment Factory Workers’ Well-being
  • Co-Investigator, RWJF Engaging Business in a Culture of Health
  • Co-Investigator, U.S. State Department, Use of Blockchain Technology To Capture Working Conditions and Worker Impacts in the Supply Chain
  • Principal Investigator, Understanding the Future of Work after COVID
  • Areas of specialty: Sustainability of health and human capital in the workplace; Environmental epidemiology; Occupational and community health; Health promotion and work as a platform to improve well-being; Health services management and policy; Health effects of work and workplace culture (work structures, organizations, re-engineering); Quality of worklife; Injury prevention; Musculoskeletal injuries; Aviation health

Murray Mittleman, MD, DrPH

  • Professor of Epidemiology
  • Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Director, Cardiovascular Epidemiology Research Unit, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Faculty Director and Chair, MPH Program HSPH, MPH Concentration in Quantitative Methods
Glenn Pransky photo

Glenn Pransky, MD, MOH

  • Visiting Lecturer, Dept. of Environmental Health
  • Associate Professor in Family and Community Medicine and Quantitative Health Sciences, Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Areas of specialty: Work disability prevention, health and productivity, physician health and well-being, workers’ compensation health care

Glorian Sorenson, PhD, MPH

  • Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Private Investigator, HSPH Center for Work, Health and Wellbeing
  • Director, Center for Community-based Research, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Robert Spielvogel, MS, CIH, CSP

  • Instructor, Occupational Safety and Injury Prevention
  • President, Robert Spielvogel and Associates, Inc.
  • Areas of specialty: Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety, Environmental Regulatory Compliance, OSHA Compliance