Harvard Chan C-CHANGE makes climate change personal by connecting it to health and highlighting how climate solutions can provide for a healthier and more just world today and a livable future for our children.

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New TRECH Project Research Update on Health Benefits of TCI Policy Scenarios

Our researchers are exploring how different transportation policies aimed at curbing climate change could influence equity and health through better air quality and increases in physical activity.

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Featured Issues

Child in front of sun

Climate, Kids, and Health

Showing how climate solutions and transitioning to clean energy protects children from dangerous pollutants and helps them live healthier lives today and in the future.

Masked girl using sanitizer

Climate Change and Infectious Disease

Reducing the risks of emerging infectious diseases by catalyzing actions that bring us back into balance with nature.

Dr. Aaron Bernstein with a patient

Climate MD

Engaging, supporting and empowering medical professionals to help turn awareness of the health threats posed by climate change into actions that improve health today

Featured News

Girl plays near fracking site

Trump's EPA rewrote the rules on air, water energy. Now voters face a choice on climate change issues

New research finds that it's possible to get to zero emissions in the electricity sector within two decades.

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Two doctors wearing scrubs and masks

Doctors Push For Health Care To Address Climate Change In New Teaching Framework

A group of doctors created a new education framework to teach medical residents how to address climate change with their patients.

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construction worker builds a road

The Climate Project: Your Role, Your Impact

We are all feeling the effects of climate change, but communities of color are feeling them harder and faster. Our Director Dr. Ari Bernstein talks about how we got here.

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The ability to turn climate change around into an opportunity to create better public health for all communities is the opportunity we need to grab today.

- Gina McCarthy, Chair, Board of Directors, Harvard Chan C-CHANGE