Harvard Chan C-CHANGE makes climate change personal, highlights clear solutions, and emphasizes the important role we all play in driving change, so we can build a more toward sustainable future.

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Image of Nikki Reed, Sarah Wright Olsen and Carmen Messerlian

Reel Science: Actors Asking Experts

Episode 5: Actresses Nikki Reed and Sarah Wright Olsen join Harvard Professor Carmen Messerlian to discuss Environmental Impacts on Family Health.

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Climate, Kids, and Health

Showing how climate solutions and transitioning to clean energy protects children from dangerous pollutants and helps them live healthier lives today and in the future.

Energy and Health

Researching the health benefits of transitioning to clean energy systems and the health impacts of fossil fuels.

Dr. Aaron Bernstein with a patient

Climate MD

Engaging, supporting and empowering medical professionals to help turn awareness of the health threats posed by climate change into actions that improve health today

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Harvard researchers link current U.S. air pollution standards to an early death

The study used the largest-ever dataset of older Americans and found current air quality standards are not strong enough to protect people from harmful PM2.5 pollution.

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Can environmental mitigation save us from mounting crises?

The pandemic, climate change, and racial injustice don’t just weave together, they feed on each other.

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Risks for some medications rise as temperatures climb

If you are taking medication for blood pressure, asthma, depression, and allergies, among others, you may be at increased risk during extreme heat.

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The ability to turn climate change around into an opportunity to create better public health for all communities is the opportunity we need to grab today.

- Gina McCarthy, Chair, Board of Directors, Harvard Chan C-CHANGE