Our Collaborators

HCHP makes connections between the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and key institutions in China, including universities, policy think tanks, government agencies, and socially-oriented entrepreneurs. We create opportunities for students and faculty in China and at Harvard to engage in academic exchange and collaborative research, preparing them to act as locally embedded change agents driving innovation and evidence-based decision-making in Chinese health policy. We have also expanded collaborations with private sector innovators working to address service delivery challenges in Chinese health care.

Academic Institutions

In 2018, we established the Harvard China Health Collaborative Partnership with seven Chinese institutions to advance new frontiers of health policy, health systems and public health research in China that may also hold global lessons. Together, we support a new generation of Chinese researchers in conducting high quality research.

We also work closely with partners at other leading national and regional universities to conduct health policy research on issues such as health equity across urban and rural areas.

National Research Centers

We collaborate with China’s National Center for Cardiovascular Disease (NCCD) and the National Clinical Research Center for Neurological Diseases to support research and training to address China’s current and emerging health challenges. Harvard works together with these national research centers to translate scientific knowledge to effective policy formulation and implementation to bolster national health reform efforts.

Government Health Policymakers

HCHP promotes capacity building for senior policymakers at China’s National Health Commisssion (NHC)—responsible for designing and maintaining China’s health care delivery system—and China’s National Healthcare Security Administration, which oversees the social insurance programs covering 96% of the population. Through these partnerships, we have also facilitated the smooth implementation of the health care reform in China at the service provider level through trainings for hospital presidents and health professionals.

Digital Health Platforms

We are applying technology and our experience with China’s health policy and economics to better understand and improve service delivery—particularly primary health care—for the Chinese population through collaborations with digital health platforms WeDoctor, Hao Daifu, and Meridian Medical Network Corp. WeDoctor and Hao Daifu are two of China’s largest and most comprehensive online health care providers, and Meridian Medical Network Corp. specializes in applying big data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to health care.

Our Supporters

The Harvard China Health Partnership’s (HCHP) work is enabled by a broad base of supporters who have generously contributed their time, energy, perspective, and philanthropic resources to our initiatives. The HCHP Philanthropy Report highlights the impact of this backing across our project portfolio. Funding from the following organizations is gratefully acknowledged: