China & COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread globally, the Harvard China Health Partnership (HCHP) invited the world’s leading scholars to examine China and the world’s response to the pandemic and draw lessons for the future. Over a dozen webinars attended by thousands of people on both sides of the Pacific explored the global impacts of COVID-19 and resulted in further research collaborations on how to build stronger health systems to better respond to future epidemic outbreaks. Our team’s expertise was also sought out by numerous mainstream and Harvard-based media outlets. Some of the initiatives that incorporated HCHP’s insights on COVID-19 include:

China and Global Experience with COVID-19 Event Series

  • HCHP organized a series of events covering topics ranging from economy, mental health, health systems, and technological innovations. Information on events in this series is available here.
  • HCHP scholars contributed to events hosted by external collaborators, such as a seminar with LSE available here.

In the News

  • Articles published in BBC News, Forbes, South China Morning Post, The Washington Post, China Philanthropist Magazine, and other media outlets incorporated interviews and other commentary from our experts, available here.


  • A list of research projects related to COVID-19 conducted in collaboration with HCHP partners is available here.

Chronicling Personal Reflections

  • The “Health Reflections on a Pandemic Year” video project by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is available here.
  • Harvard Public Health Magazine‘s award-winning article entitled “Bearing Witness” featuring personal stories from Harvard T.H. Chan faculty members is available here.
  • HCHP’s visiting scholars from China shared their personal takeaways from the pandemic as it unfolded, which are available here.