Meaningful Ageing

How can China ensure its rapidly ageing population not only has access to the kind of health care it needs but is also empowered to pursue meaningful lives?

Primary Health Care and Medical Impoverishment in Rural China

Can improving chronic disease management at the primary care level reduce medical impoverishment in rural China?

Integrated Care Pilot in Ningxia

Can a combination of provider payment, organization change, management and digital technology improve the implementation of integrated primary care in rural China?

Bureaucracy and Health Policymaking

How does bureaucratic behavior influence health policymaking and implementation in China?

Twenty-First Century Barefoot Doctor (21BFD)

How can over 500 million people in rural China receive good quality primary health care?

China & COVID-19

Our “Global Experience with COVID-19” series examined COVID-19‘s effects on public health in China and beyond, and our scholars' expertise was sought by organizations around the world.