Winnie Yip and William Hsiao Speak at the Harvard College China Forum

The 2024 Harvard College China Forum (HCCF) invited Professors Winnie Yip and William Hsiao to speak on the current trends, challenges, reforms, and potential areas of collaborations between the healthcare systems in China and the United States. Professor Yip delivered the opening remarks for the panel, “Public Health and Healthcare: Economic Policy in the Era of Global Health”. The discussion delved into pressing topics including what the key drivers behind new healthcare reforms are, envisioning future integrations of artificial intelligence and telehealth tools into healthcare delivery, and examining the role of government versus private sectors in transforming health insurance policies.

The panel featured:

  • Winnie Yip (Professor, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)
    叶志敏 哈佛陈曾熙公共卫生学院教授
  • William Hsiao (K.T. Li Professor of Economics, Emeritus, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)
    萧庆伦 哈佛大学陈曾熙公共卫生学院荣休教授
  • Hao Yu (Associate Professor of Health Economics and Policy, Harvard Medical School)
    于浩 哈佛大学医学院人群医学系健康经济与政策学副教授
  • Alexander Ng (President, Tencent Healthcare)
    吴文达 腾讯健康总裁
  • Cathy Liu (Vice President, iKang Healthcare Group)
    刘宁 爱康集团策略发展副总裁

Photo courtesy of the Harvard College China Forum.