Research Grants Announced: China’s Ageing Population and Lessons from China’s COVID-19 Response

Dr. Winnie Yip, Faculty Director of the Harvard China Health Partnership, will serve as the advisor for six research teams examining key questions related to China’s ageing population and lessons learned from China’s COVID-19 pandemic response. The projects, part of a 2021 research grant program promoting the development of a 21st Century Healthcare System in China, are funded by the Taikang Health Foundation and were announced at a November 2021 event in Beijing.

Ageing Population

  1. A Review of Innovative At-home and Community-based Eldercare Models and Their Policy Enablers (Peking University)
  2. Defining Long-term Care Insurance Benefit Packages (Fudan University)
  3. Creating a Culturally-appropriate Index for Measuring the Well-being of Older Adults in China and Assessing Data Needs (Wuhan University)
  4. A Comparison of China’s Integrated Delivery System with International Experience (Peking University)

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

  1. The Role of Community Mobilization in COVID-19 Pandemic Response: Chinese Practice and International Experience (Sichuan University)
  2. The Impact of COVID-19 on the Development of Telehealth in China (Peking University)

HCHP’s engagement with these projects represents our ongoing commitment to promoting high-quality scholarship that informs public policy formation related to China’s health system.


  • An Chinese-language overview of the event announcing grant recipients and a full list of selected proposals is available here.