China’s COVID-19 Policy Response

At an LSE event entitled “China and the World in the Post-COVID Era,” Dr. Winnie Yip, Professor of Global Health Policy and Economics, shared her insights on China’s COVID-19 policy response. Dr. Yip highlighted the continued uncertainty that Chinese society–and the world as a whole–faces as a result of COVID and the cautious approach that the government has taken in maintaining its zero-COVID policy. She suggests that the question is not whether China should follow Western countries in opening up, but whether it can relax its current zero-COVID policy to something more moderated. The government will also need to weigh the impact of its policy on economic growth and determine the economic costs it is willing to bear.


  • An event recording is available here.
  • The original article on LSE’s COVID-19 blog is available here.
  • More information about the Harvard China Health Partnership’s initiatives related to China & COVID-19 is available here.