Donald J. Largent, MBA, BSME

Director, High Purity Product Management
AAF Flanders Filters Inc

Donald J. Largent is Director, High Purity Product Management for AAF Flanders and has been intimately involved in the global containment and high purity filtration industry since 2006.  Don holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and M.B.A. from Loyola University, Maryland.
Prior to his tenure at AAF Flanders, Don was responsible for Sales, Marketing, and Technical Services for Air Techniques International (ATI), providing HEPA/ULPA Filter testing instrumentation to the market.  He has also worked in Technical Sales, Technical Marketing, Application Engineering, and Warranty Management roles for top tier, international HVAC and Elevator manufacturing companies.
Don actively participates in standards development and filtration industry organizations such as:

  • ASHRAE – American Society for Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers):
    • TC 2.3 – Gaseous Air Contaminants and Gas Contaminant Removal Equipment
    • TC 2.4 – Particulate Air Contaminants and Particulate Contaminant Removal Equipment
    • TC 9.2 – Nuclear Facilities Sub-Committee
    • SPCC 161P – Air Quality within Commercial Aircraft
  • CETA – Controlled Environment Testing Association
  • IEST – Institute of Environmental Safety and Testing
    • RP-CC-001 – HEPA and ULPA Filters
    • RP-CC-006 – Testing Cleanrooms
    • RP-CC-007 – Testing ULPA Filters
    • RP-CC-021 – Testing HEPA and ULPA Filter Media
    • RP-CC-034 – HEPA and ULPA Filter Leak Tests
    • RP-CC-044 – Vacuum Cleaners and Systems for Cleanrooms and Other Controlled Environments
  • NHUG