Helen Delichatsios, MD, SM

Harvard Medical School

HELEN DELICHATSIOS, MD, SM, is a Clinician-Educator at Massachusetts General Hospital. She has
an active primary care practice and many students and residents whom she teaches. Dr.
Delichatsios has developed teaching tools for patients, students, and physicians on nutrition
related topics. Her research interests and publications concern effective nutrition and obesity
counseling methods in the primary care office. She runs shared medical appointments for
patients with metabolic disorders with an emphasis on self management and teaching through
cooking. At Harvard Medical School, Dr. Delichatsios directed the preventive medicine and
nutrition course. She led the transition to the new clinical nutrition course that started in 2007
with the medical education reform at HMS. On the nutrition curriculum committee, she strives
to increase nutrition and obesity education in all four years of medical school and graduate
medical education. She runs faculty development sessions on nutrition education, including
physician self-health. A graduate of Cornell University Medical College, Dr. Delichatsios
completed her residency at Cornell New York Hospital in Manhattan. She obtained a Master of
Science degree in Epidemiology from Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Delichatsios is a
nutrition consultant on the editorial board of the Harvard Women’s Health Watch monthly
newsletter, and she is active in her town’s wellness committee to improve nutrition and health
in schools. (Boston, MA)