Jamie Tessler, MPH, MS

Jamie Tessler has extensive research and practice experience in the field of occupational ergonomics and musculoskeletal epidemiology. She has co-authored several peer-reviewed publications, designed ergonomic exposure assessment tools, trained research fieldwork teams, designed survey and data collection instruments, and managed research-to-practice educational programs. As a consultant, Jamie has supported creative ergonomics solutions in healthcare facilities and a variety of office environments from the large firm down to the home office.  

Jamie is also an experienced occupational and environmental health learning manager, educator, master trainer. Her communications portfolio includes the design and launch of innovative training content, e-learning products and a range of instructional design technologies and strategies. She supports communications across myriad risk management and operations platforms.

In her current role, Jamie provides strategic planning support to the AVP of Education and Research Safety, Office of the Provost at Northeastern University. She develops university-wide initiatives that support a positive safety climate in academic and research labs, shops and studios across the global campus network.