John M. Price, PhD, CIH

Director, Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Northeastern University
Executive and Continuing Professional Education
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

In his position at Northeastern University, Jack Price runs programs in safety, radiation protection, industrial hygiene, biohazard assessment, and environmental engineering. He supervises staff in assessing worker exposure, conducting training in occupational health and safety, and designing engineering controls for the workplace. He also provides oversight for the University in meeting requirements of environmental regulations. Prior to assuming this position in 1990, he worked as manager of industrial hygiene and as an industrial hygiene engineer for Harvard University. Before that, he was an air pollution engineer at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Since 1986 he has provided consulting services to industrial and hospital facilities in the design of engineering control systems, employee training, and exposure monitoring. He has also assisted in the design and implementation of safety management programs to meet regulatory requirements.

Dr. Price is a frequent lecturer in continuing education programs for industrial air cleaning, ventilation control, testing of biological safety control ventilation, asbestos management, and industrial hygiene. He holds an appointment as visiting lecturer at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.