Kassandra Ellen Karpathakis, BSc, MPH, BA

Kassandra is a health policy professional working at the intersection of digital health, public health and the public sector. Most recently, she was Head of Artificial Intelligence Strategy and Policy for the English National Health Service at the NHS AI Lab where she led the UK’s G7 Presidency work on health AI, and investigated health AI governance for the Global Digital Health Partnership.

Kassandra researches the governance and evaluation of digital and AI technologies used in healthcare and public health. She’s particularly interested in implementation of these technologies, and not overpromising their utility.

Kassandra will be awarded her Masters in Public Health (Health Policy) from Harvard University in May 2022. She also holds a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honors) in physiology, and a double Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Arts in physiology, anthropology and philosophy from The University of Western Australia.