Timo Siepmann, PhD, DR, MEd, FAHA

Dr. Siepmann is an attending physician, head of the Neurovascular Outpatient Clinic and stroke researcher at University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus in Dresden, Germany who dedicated his career to elucidating pathophysiological mechanisms and identifying diagnostic and therapeutic targets in neurovascular and autonomic disorders. His clinical and scientific focus is on stroke care, neuropharmacology, autonomic nervous system pathways including the brain-and-heart axis and the association of COVID-19 and ischaemic stroke. After graduating from Charité Medical School in Berlin in 2008 and after receiving his doctoral degree from the University of Technology Dresden in 2009, he received postdoctoral training at the University of Oxford (Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility) in the United Kingdom and at Harvard Medical School (Center for Autonomic and Peripheral Nerve Disorders) in Boston, MA. Dr. Siepmann published over 140 papers. He is the editor of a textbook on pharmacotherapy that was published by Thieme in two editions. He is a Fellow of the American Heart Assocation and he received 11 prizes and awards including the Rudolf-Buchheim-Prize of the German Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, the American Academy of Neurology International Scholarship Award and the Paul Dudley White Award of the American Heart Assocation. During is career Dr. Siepmann has acquired over 20.7 Million EUR in research grants. Dr. Siepmann is driven by a passion for education and collaboration. He has been serving a site director of the PPCR site in Dresden Germany since 2012. Shortly after establishing the site center he decided together with his partner, Dr. Ben Illigens, to design a Master’s Program to give PPCR graduates the opportunity to take their methodological knowledge to a deeper and more practical level. Throughout the processes of conception of of the Master’s Program in Clinical Research at Dresden International University, its successful accreditation and serving as its program director since 2014, Dr. Siepmann has developed a focus on research education using blended and web based learning technologies. As project director Dr. Siepmann have led the development of a reformed medical school in Chemnitz, Germany. Dr. Siepmann and his team created and implemend the program in 2020 and were able to launch the new medical campus in November 2020. The program "MEDiC" is focussing on digital health, value based healthcare, intersectoral care and collaborative digital learning. Together with his partner Dr. Lutz Mirow., Dr. Siepmann has recently launched a PPCR site center at the new Medical Campus Chemnitz.