Wendy Garrett

Associate Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases
Department of Immunology, Harvard Medical School

665 Huntington Avenue
Building 1, Room 909
Boston, Massachusetts 02115



The Garrett laboratory’s interest is in the interplay between the intestinal microbial communities and the immune system. We study inflammation in the intestine and in the colorectal cancer tumor microenviroment, with a specific focus on the gut microbiota and its interactions with the immune system. We employ both conventional and gnotobiotic mouse model systems in our studies of host-microbial interactions in the gut. Utilizing approaches spanning the disciplines of cell biology, microbiology, cancer biology, immunology and computational biology, we  interrogate the regulation of gut homeostasis, inflammation, and tumorigenesis. By unraveling the functional interactions between host immunity and the microbiota, we endeavor to identify new inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer preventative approaches and treatments.