Graduate Employment Outcomes

All graduating students at Harvard Chan receive a post-graduate outcomes survey beginning one month prior to graduation and closing 12 months after graduation. This survey captures if students are employed, continuing their education, actively seeking, or undecided along with questions regarding the type of employment, salary, and location. We are grateful to all of our graduates for taking the time to provide their responses as this information assists others in making informed decisions about graduate school and career options.Class of 2021 Graduate Outcomes. 96% employed or continuing education within 12 months. $96,000 median salary.

Employment outcomes by degree program including sample job titles by field of study or department can be found below.

Master’s of Public Health 45 Credit

Master’s of Public Health 65 Credit

Master’s of Public Health – Clinical Effectiveness

Master’s of Science

Doctor of Public Health

Doctor of Philosophy

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Graduate Employment Outcomes Archive – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020