Wary of coronavirus vaccines, some Chinese citizens are ‘opting out’ (Prof. Winnie Yip quoted in The World)

Countries across the globe are wrestling with the complexities of rolling out vaccination programs, but as Dr. Winnie Yip, Professor of Global Health Policy and Economics, shared with The World, “The fact that China was able to control [the pandemic] allows them to have a slower schedule on the vaccine.”

At the same time, China’s relative success in curbing the spread of COVID-19 may ultimately complicate its long-term vaccination efforts. Some China-based commentators have cited the low-risk of contracting the virus as reason for declining vaccination. Concerns about the minimal efficacy data published on China’s domestically-produced vaccines have further dampened enthusiasm.

Even if a vaccination program was met with widespread reception, China’s commitments to provide vaccine doses to developing nations and its other export agreements would likely create supply challenges. “China wants to be sure that there is enough for its own country so that gradually the country will get immunity, but at the same time, I think that China wants to grow to a role that will contribute to global health, as well,” said Yip.


  • The article in The World is available here.