Meaningful Ageing: Shaping a Better Future for China’s Elderly

Event Background

The challenges presented by the ageing of China’s population are vast and complex. Not only does ageing have major impacts on labor supply, savings, economic growth and social and family relationships, ageing also necessitates re-imagining social systems—such as healthcare, eldercare, pension and housing—in order to sustainably support the elderly population in ageing well and living a meaningful life in China. The government has made confronting these challenges a national policy priority, as seen in the 14th Five-Year Plan. The prominence of ageing in this national policy planning blueprint and the issue’s inclusion in subsequent talks by senior policymakers signify its importance for ensuring sustainable economic and social development into the future.

This event, hosted by the Harvard China Health Partnership and Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, assembled an interdisciplinary group of experts to share their ideas, research and practical experience to help China develop a health and eldercare system to meet the needs of its ageing population.

Speakers and Agenda

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