New Publication: Hospital management practices in county-level hospitals in rural China and international comparison

This study assessed the management practices of county-level hospitals in Guizhou in southwest China during 2015 using the Development World Management Survey (D-WMS) instrument to interview 273 managers in 139 hospitals and score the hospitals’ management practices. On a scale of 1 (‘worst practice’) to 5 (‘best practice’), the mean (SD) hospital D-WMS scores were 2.57 (0.46) overall; 2.71 (0.48), 2.64 (0.58), 2.40 (0.64), and 2.56 (0.40) for operation, monitoring, target, and personnel, respectively; and 2.43 (0.48), 2.62 (0.48), and 2.66 (0.47) for implementation, usage, and monitoring, respectively. China ranked seventh of 10 countries, after six HICs and higher than one HIC and two other LMICs (Brazil and India). The study concludes that Chinese county-level hospitals should improve their low quality of management by prioritizing target-setting and process implementation.

Hu, Min, Wen Chen, and Winnie Yip. 2022. “Hospital Management Practices in County-Level Hospitals in Rural China and International Comparison.” BMC Health Services Research 22(1):64. doi: 10.1186/s12913-021-07396-y.


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