Challenges Confronting China’s Healthcare System Post-COVID: A conversation between Winnie Yip and William Hsiao

The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies organized a seminar event on March 29, 2023 entitled “Challenges Confronting China’s Healthcare System Post-COVID,” featuring Dr. Winnie Yip, Faculty Director of the Harvard China Health Partnership, and Dr. William Hsiao, Emeritus K.T. Li Professor of Economics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School. They discussed the latest set of healthcare priorities and policies announced by the Chinese government since the country’s recent shift in managing COVID-19. Dr. Yip praised these latest policies as “grand, complex, but quite logical”, however, also emphasized the potential challenges and feasibility in executing this strategic plan over the next few years. In this seminar, Dr. Yip and Dr. Hsiao highlighted four critical challenges facing the future of Chinese healthcare.


  • An event recording is available here.
  • A Q&A discussion with Dorinda Elliott (Executive Director, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies) following the event is available to read here.