Harvard China Health Partnership Hosts Fudan University Delegation

The Harvard China Health Partnership (HCHP) hosted a delegation of professors from Fudan University School of Public Health to visit Boston from May 11th to 12th, 2023. The delegation featured Professor Wen Chen, Associate Professor Min Hu, and Associate Professor Luying Zhang.

The delegation met with Winnie Yip, Faculty Director of HCHP and Professor of Global Health Policy and Economics, and William Hsiao, K.T. Li Professor of Economics Emeritus, to discuss their respective research initiatives regarding China’s health systems, as well as potential future collaborations between scholars at the Harvard T.H. Chan School and Fudan University School of Public Health.

During his visit, Professor Wen Chen gave a seminar on the progresses and challenges of China’s healthcare system. He discussed various topics including China’s recent health insurance development milestones, national policies directed at improving the quality of public hospitals, as well as the ongoing objectives set out by the Healthy China 2030 Plan. The seminar and subsequent roundtable discussion was attended by master’s students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and faculty members of the Harvard China Health Partnership.

The Harvard China Health Partnership is honored to have Fudan University School of Public Health as a longstanding, collaborating partner institution. HCHP has previously hosted Professor Chen in 2019 to give a seminar and Professor Hu in 2018 as a Visiting Scholar.