Professor Winnie Yip Visits Ningxia Medical University

Professor Winnie Yip, Senior Administrators, and Faculty of Ningxia Medical University


Professor Winnie Yip visited Ningxia Medical University on July 18 for a fruitful exchange and discussion. During her visit, she delivered a lecture on the concept, history, and international experience of people-centered integrated delivery systems. Following the lecture, she engaged in insightful discussions with the faculty and administrators of Ningxia Medical University, exploring the current challenges in implementing integrated delivery in China.

Professor Winnie Yip delivering speech at Ningxia Medical University


The meeting also provided an opportunity for Professor Winnie Yip and President Fengnian Tian, along with senior faculty of Ningxia Medical University, to explore future partnership opportunities. The collaboration between Professor Yip and Ningxia Medical University dates back to 2008 when they jointly piloted a global budget payment mechanism in counties within Ningxia. Building on this partnership, they discussed new collaborations with a focus on building people- centered integrated healthcare delivery systems, particularly in rural areas. They also explored potentials of building community-based mental health systems to improve affordable access for people with mental health conditions.

Participants at the seminar discuss with Professor Yip how to improve integrated healthcare


The exchange between Professor Winnie Yip and Ningxia Medical University reflects a shared commitment to advancing public health research and policy. The visit not only strengthened their existing collaboration but also laid the groundwork for future initiatives that can contribute to the continued growth and development of China’s healthcare landscape.