Professor Winnie Yip and Professor Hongqiao Fu Visit The Health Commission of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

Professor Winnie Yip and NMU Dean Hui Qiao discuss primary care with local doctors


The Harvard China Health Partnership (HCHP) has a longstanding relationship with the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, working together to implement local healthcare programs since 2008.

On July 19, 2023, Professor Winnie Yip, Faculty Director of HCHP, and Professor Hongqiao Fu from Peking University’s School of Public Health revisited the Health Commission of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. They met with Jinhan Lv, Director of the Health Commission, and his colleagues to have an in-depth conversation on Ningxia’s healthcare reform achievements, successful pilots, challenges, and future possibilities.

Following the meeting, the group conducted a field visit to Zhongwei city, a pilot city in the National High-Performing Public Hospitals Pilot Program. The team visited Zhongwei’s People’s Hospital, Zhongning County People’s Hospital, township hospitals and village clinics.

Traditional medicine as a priority service at Dazhanchang Town Health Center


Throughout the visit, Professor Winnie Yip was particularly interested in the functioning of primary care and how they are integrated with secondary and tertiary health care. She is delighted to see the newly developed rehabilitation services, which is an important service to help people restore functioning.

Professor Winnie Yip talking to a village doctor to understand how he conducts screening and management of patients with hypertension and diabetes


The Zhongwei City Health Commission hosted a meeting where they presented the High-Performance Pilot project’s progress. Professor Yip praised the city’s commendable improvements. However, she highlighted that future challenges lie in bolstering the primary care level to address the health needs of a population with increased chronic disease conditions.

Children’s recreational unit in the local rehabilitation center


With the support of government and scholars, Zhongning County has achieved remarkable strides in enhancing its primary care and rehabilitation services, to cater to its rural and more vulnerable communities. Looking ahead, the Harvard China Health Partnership aims to further cultivate its partnership with Ningxia, fostering the expansion of these successful pilot initiatives and extending their positive impact to more underserved communities.