Professor Winnie Yip Visits Community-Based Elder Care Programs in Hong Kong

Volunteers at “Forget Thee Not”
Photo credit: D.H. Chen Foundation


The Harvard China Health Partnership (HCHP) has been actively conducting research and hosting seminars on the topic of meaningful aging, and have been working with local communities to design, launch and scale pilot programs in elder care. This July, Professor Winnie Yip visited two community-based eldercare programs in Hong Kong sponsored by the D.H. Chen Foundation.


Forget Thee Not: End-of-Life Planning

Forget Thee Not is a non-profit organization in Hong Kong that supports low-income families with end-of-life planning that allows for the dignified death for their loved ones. Forget Thee Not is operated by trained volunteers who guide families through difficult matters such as  financing, funeral services, burial options, and more. They also provide support for elderly who prefer dying at home, and help families to cope with loss, and seek meaning and comfort in facing death in the family.

Forget Thee Not Training Session
Photo credit: D.H. Chen Foundation


Professor Winnie Yip met with Forget Thee Not volunteers to observe their training. During the visit, volunteers presented on how they would prepare their own memorial services in the face of death, in a way that would be meaningful for themselves and their loved ones.

Professor Winnie Yip With Colleagues from the D.H.Chen Foundation and Forget Thee Not
Photo credit: D.H. Chen Foundation



千日。在家 – 有個伴 : Volunteer Time Banking

千日。在家 – 有個伴” is a new program established by the D.H.Chen Foundation in the Sheng Kung Hui Tseung Kwan O Aged Care Complex and builds upon the concept of a “time bank”. The “time bank” fosters a sense of mutual help and community bonding by allowing younger volunteers to “store” their time spent assisting elderly neighbors to later use towards services for themselves when they are in need. Volunteers in the program are divided in two categories: “Buddies in the Neighborhood” are volunteers who live in the 10-minute living circle and offer daily caregiving support to the elderly, and “Buddies of Wisdom” are professionals in different fields and contribute their expertise.

Professor Winnie Yip and “千日。在家 – 有個伴Volunteers
Photo credit: D.H. Chen Foundation


Elderly Persons Opening Gifts from Volunteers
Photo credit: D.H. Chen Foundation


Time banking for elder care purposes has been introduced and piloted in other cities across the world in recent years. Adapting this concept locally, “千日。在家 – 有個伴” is an excellent example of a civil organization innovating to take responsibility in local elder care needs.