Linda Kaboolian, PhD

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Dr. Kaboolian is Fellow at Harvard University’s Law School, and an Instructor at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She was on the faculty of Harvard Kennedy School for 30 years. At Harvard, Professor Kaboolian has been faculty chair and primary architect of a number of flagship executive education programs including Senior Executives in State and Local Government and Negotiation for Public Managers. These programs focus on cognitive skills as well as the emotional and non-rational dimensions of human interaction and public problem solving. A specialist in discussion based learning, she has facilitated simulation exercises for managers and policymakers around the world.

Her research and teaching focus on multi-stakeholder problem solving processes around workplace and public policy issues. She works with labor, management and community groups around improved organizational performance and service to diverse communities. She has a number of projects in public education and the water industry. Her new book, Win-Win Labor-Management Collaboration in Education was published this year. She co-authored Working Better Together: A Practical Guide for Union Leaders, Elected Officials and Managers and The Concord Handbook distilling several years of fieldwork about organizations that bridge racial, ethnic and class divides. While she now serves as a neutral mediator, she was an elected officer and chief bargainer of a union, and a senior manager in the federal government. She has also served in the state and local and non-profit sectors.