1.    Video of seminar by Ichiro Kawachi speaking on “Income Inequality and Population Health” at the Fifth Project on Law and Mind Sciences Conference, Harvard Law School: “The Psychology of Inequality” (Harvard, 2011)

2.    Video clip of Ichiro Kawachi speaking on “Advice to the Next President: 7 Ways to Fight Health Inequities”.

3.    Video clip of Ichiro Kawachi interview with Victoria Health Foundation, Australia, on “The Social Determinants of Health”.

4.    Transcript of interview with Ichiro Kawachi from the January/February 2008 issue of Dollars & Sense: The Magazine of Economic Justice:

5.    Transcript of interview with Ichiro Kawachi at the public health blog “We Are Public Health”, June 2014:

6.    Video of Ichiro Kawachi delivering the inaugural Kreuter Katz Lecture on “Social Capital and Population Health” at Georgia State University, April 2014:

7.    Video of Ichiro Kawachi lecturing at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health on “Health Inequalities: The Social Distribution of Chronic Disease”, 2013:

8.    Video clip of Ichiro Kawachi talking about Roseto study in Harvard Public Health Magazine extra: Social Capital and Health:

9.    Video of Ichiro Kawachi talking at Harvard University Reischauer Institute Panel on “Japan’s 3/11 Disasters Remembered” – March 11, 2013:

10.    Interview with Dyani Lewis on behavioral economics and health, The University of Melbourne, May 2013:

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12.    Public lecture on Social Capital and Population Health, Edinburgh College of Art, February 4, 2015: