Custom-Designed Programs

In addition to our regularly scheduled intensive two-week courses, IHSP develops custom-designed programs to fit the unique needs of a country or organization. We offer Needs Assessment, Training Program Development, and Training Seminars. Through established training resources and tools, we can successfully transfer and implement short course models to your organization’s needs. Our custom designed programs have been provided for specialized higher education programs such as our partnership with Universidad Andres Bello to program creation with organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank.

Programs are led by a team of Harvard faculty and other public health experts. They apply theories and tools from the areas of economics, public health, political science and management to better understand complex health issues that range from health care access to cost and quality. Topics have included:

-Utilizing the Private sector to Achieve Health Goals-

-Human Resources Policy and Management-

-Decentralizing Health Systems-

-Improving the Quality of Health Services-

-Health Care Financing-

-Inequities, Protests and Covid-19-

-US Health System Overview-

We offered these custom-designed online programs in 2021:

Health in the XXI Century: Workshop for Andrés Bello University
Organization: Universidad Andrés Bello
Topics: Exploration and evaluation of lessons learned from examining the US Health system for Masters Students at the Universidad Andres Bello in Chile.
May 3-11, August 30 – September 9, November 8 – 17, 2021

Regional Policy Dialogue 2021. Innovations During the Pandemic in Health, Social Protection and Child Development: Will They Last?
Organization: Inter-American Development Bank
Topics: In partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank, IHSP brought together Harvard Faculty and other leading researchers/professionals to discuss Health, Socials Protections and Child Development with leaders across Latin America.
October 25, 28, 29, 2021

Strengthening Human Resources for Health and Social Services
Organization: Inter-American Development Bank
Topics: IHSP presented a focused version of their two-week Strengthening Human Resources for Health and Social Services course for the needs of the Inter-American Development Bank.
June 10-15, 2021

We offered this custom-designed, four-year leadership program in South Africa
Albertina Sisulu Executive Leadership Programme in Health (ASELPH)
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