Course Testimonials

In reference to our Strengthening Human Resources for Health course:

“What brings you back for additional courses?”
“Task Shifting specifically… after coming to the Human Resources for Health (course), I was once against task shifting but now totally for it. Katsina state is our experimental group, and hoping to find value in this state to implement universal ideologies. (The) incoming governor has a baseline from Katsina state that the new President will be using as a model to implement around Nigeria.

“How did the previous course(s) help you in your previous job in the Ministry of Health?”
“Monitoring of quality among healthcare facilities. Ensuring quality among healthcare providers, driven by the private and public sector.”

“Were people receptive to those ideas when you got back?  Would you recommend this course?”
“A big yes! It made others interested to come here to gain this particular training.  One person alone may not be able to sell these ideas, you need change agents to drive the system. Helps in driving policy.”

-Kabir M.

In reference to our Making Decentralization Work: Tools for Health Policy Makers and Manager course:

“The Decentralization course was an enriching professional and personal experience. The content gave me tools to analyse our South African health context as we are moving towards a national health insurance and decentralized model of care. A walk in the woods was an ‘aha moment’ for me in how to negotiate with various stakeholders on community and provincial level that were in a tug-of-war for various gains for many months. I will always remember this course as one of key opportunities in my life.”

-Ellenore M.
South Africa

“Among others I have grasped both general and specific knowledge and skills on decentralization during my course at Harvard…At last we have reviewed the important elements to be considered for successfully implementing decentralization. It is good to know more about the subject matter.”

-Awel A.

In Reference to our International Course: Improving the Quality of Health Services:

“I achieved much more than I expected. I especially enjoyed the practice cases; and learning about innovations in other countries…I would highly recommend this.”

-Nneka O. 

“I came with very little to moderate QI (Quality Improvement) knowledge. I came out of the course with better knowledge and am raring to go back to my institution and apply the concepts & tools.”

-Gilda D.