Fall 2016

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  • Migration

    Recent news reports in American media tell the story: Over the last few years, a small but highly diverse group of migrants and refugees—each with their singular stories of suffering and survival—have settled in the United States.

  • How TB is Breaking the Rules of Biology

    One-third of the world’s population carries the tuberculosis bacterium, and some 1.5 million people die annually from the infection. What allows it to persist, even when faced with onslaughts from the immune system and drug treatments?

  • Girls Health Champions

    Champion for India’s Girls

    India has so many adolescent girls that if they formed their own nation, it would be the 12th-largest country in the world. Priya Shankar, MPH ’16, wants to see all of those girls living their healthiest, fullest lives—no easy task in a country where traditional gender roles sometimes proscribe certain opportunities for females.

  • Healthy Ambitions

    After 50 years of vital engagement, Harvard Chan is scaling
    up its work in India with a new center in Mumbai.