Spring 2017

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  • Bugs in the System

    From a microbial perspective, the human colon is a teeming metropolis, home to the most densely populated collection of microbes on the planet. Remarkably, these organisms are not only tolerated but also often required for normal body functioning—as much a part of human biology as our own cells.

  • The Scarlet F

    Monica Kriete, MPH ’18, describes weight stigma as a toxic exposure, like air pollution. The more you breathe it in, the more it puts your physical and emotional health at risk—from depression to hormonal changes that can lead to long-term physical damage.

  • The Business of Social Change

    “We told them, ‘We have to double or triple your business ASAP,’” says Teresa Chahine, SD ’10, who launched Alfanar Lebanon in 2012. During a brainstorming session, someone floated the idea of food trucks—vehicles for indulgence that are ubiquitous in the West but only starting to crop up in Lebanon.

  • Q&A: A Refugee Wields Science as a Tool for Environmental Justice.

  • Listening Tour

    Dean Michelle Williams Reports “Listening Tour” Findings

    At the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, community members think it’s crucial for the School to keep a sharp focus on areas such as the educational experience, financial aid, diversity and inclusion, and infrastructure.

  • The Garden Cure

    It is a place of cooling shade, lush-green, canopied by native trees. Settling in on a comfortable bench, you notice that something is missing—the nonstop urban soundtrack, thanks to the living willow fences and sound-absorbing walls.