Spring 2018

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  • “I have to take this journey on.”

    Suraya Dalil, MPH ’05, Afghanistan’s former minister of public health, hopes to bring health and gender equality to her war-ravaged homeland.

  • Abu Adioye

    A Bit of Florence Nightingale

    Abu Abioye, MPH ’18, is tackling the epidemic of hearing loss in the developing world—and a raft of other public health problems wherever he finds himself.

  • Gökhan Hotamisligil and Scott Widenmaier

    Molecular Guardians

    Gökhan Hotamisligil is on a mission to help us survive our affluence and its attendant cardiometabolic diseases. His prolific laboratory at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Sabri Ülker Center for Nutrient, Genetic, and Metabolic Research has recently generated another line of inquiry that could lead to treatments or prevention strategies for heart disease, stroke, and other disorders.