Winter 2015

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  • Harvard’s public health moment

    The act of generosity that renamed our School this past September is an astonishingly bold gesture. The unsolicited $350 million endowment—spearheaded by our distinguished alumnus, Gerald Chan, SM ’75, SD ’79, from his family’s Morningside Foundation—is the largest gift in the history of Harvard University and one of the largest ever in the history of higher education

  • Living green

    On a clear day, the air outside Anthony Cortese’s office in downtown Boston is filled with the unmistakable smell of the ocean—a pungent, brinelike perfume that hangs in the morning air.

  • Public healthonomics

    Assistant Professor Jessica Cohen is bringing a behavioral economics perspective to public health interventions in Africa.

  • A bold pathway in life and biology

    Anthony Covarrubias, PhD ’15, grew up in a working-class neighborhood in South Los Angeles.